Caitlin Power.jpg

Caitlin Power - general manager

Caitlin grew up in Boston, however went to school in Western Massachusetts at Westfield State University for Business Management. She quickly came back to the Boston area and started her career as Assistant Manager at Catalyst Restaurant in 2013.

        Growing up, Caitlin had a very close family where eating dinner together was not only common, but expected. Seeing her mother cook most nights and bringing her family together for conversation was what brought her interest in food. Caitlin took her first job at a small restaurant in her home town where she worked several hours after school until she was made manager.

        Caitlin's addictions in life are caffeine and her Beagle, Bulldog mix named Layla. Caitlin also has a passion for travel having gone to Napa Valley to a few of our very familiar wine vineyards and traveling to Iceland. Her most recent endeavor was taking a trip to France. She enjoys experiencing what the world has to offer, but remains grounded and enjoys sharing her experiences with her team.

        Many of Catalyst's guests have gotten to know Caitlin since her arrival at Catalyst and her hard work and determination have been assets to the restaurant. She focuses on evaluating training systems, improving hospitality service and levels of ambience, and connecting with dining guests. She will never forget the reason she chose the industry and fell in love with restaurants for bringing people together.